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Servicing your commercial transactions through our multi-lender platform

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Terrace Finance serves a wide range of customers and needs.

Our lending platform consists of over 20 lenders working together to get as many of your customers financed as possible. Our commercial team is always there to help finesse your more complex deals, including municipal transactions.

Become a part of our merchant network to give YOUR customers access to all of our programs through a single paperless application.

  • All credit profiles considered
  • Amountsof $5,000 to $2.5MM
  • No dealer fees or mandatory rate buy-downs
  • New & used equipment
  • One application, multiple lenders
  • More approvals
  • Free customer referrals

Programs for Dealers

Terrace Finance is here to help you grow EVERY part of your business.

Our lender network is available to YOU as well as your customers.

We take a consultative approach to helping our dealers be successful. Whether it’s helping you enter the rental fleet game, expand your locations, or secure inventory ahead of the season, our dedicated commercial team is here to guide you through the process.

Have a goal in mind? Contact our Commercial Team Leader, John Papadopoulos.

(954) 636-8571

  • Working Capital
  • Rental Fleet Financing
  • Supply Chain/Inventory Financing
  • Real Estate Financing